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Tuesday, November 25 2003
6:30pm - 7:00pm

John Kearns' "World Piece" a play reading - Free

"World Piece" debuts at the Bowery Poetry Club on Tuesday evening, November 25th. In "World Piece," a one-act play based on a scene from John Kearnsís novel, The World, a 30-something downtown Artist looks back on his experience of being fired from a lifeguarding job when he was a teenager. He comments on the scene from his past as it unfolds on stage. The Artist is, at the same time, grateful for the eventís leading to his artistic vocation and bitter over the pain and loneliness it has caused. When The Artist exhibits more bitterness than gratitude, there is a confrontation between his younger and older selves.

In the novel, The World, a 16-year-old boy saturated with what he has learned of Classics and history, reflects upon the flow of recent events in his own history: his discovering his Irish heritage, his loss of a job, his receiving an Artistic vocation, and his traumatic experiences of unrequited love. These events become psychic cataclysms that destroy his traditional worldview and force him to create a new one. They also teach him what it means to become an Artist and a man.

There is no charge for "World Piece" but youíll be able to purchase The World for $12.

You can also buy The World on,, and and at St. Mark's Bookshop and The Bowery Poetry Club book store.

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