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Song Lyrics:


That Would Be Something (Song lyrics)




If we could just travel and party and play,

If age came upon us like a pretty spring day,

If each man could have Venus awake in his bed

And a penis that stood and never dropped dead,

If out lust for adventure could be satisfied,

If our thirst could be quenched whenever we tried,

If Summer were able to hang out all Winter,

If one man could die to save all the sinners,

That would be something (3x)

I'd kill myself to see.




If women were equal in size and in weight,

If America had really turned out to be great,

If the men who make rules throughout the world knew

The questions they answer for me and for you,

If we could have Love and Peace and Joy,

If Good were the way for boys to be boys,

If we could be happy and never be bored,

If we knew the answer the day we were born,

That would be something (3x)

I'd kill myself to see.




If there weren't stains on our clothes and holes in our socks,

If we could know time without building clocks,

If effect had a cause and we were all free

To know what we want and to do as we please,

If seers and poets did not seem so mad,

If Beauty were sold in sixteen-ounce cans,

If preachers were prophets and businessmen able,

To balance the amount of food on the tables,

That would be something (3x)

I'd kill myself to see.




If words could communicate the things we want said,

If the living and dying could speak with the dead,

If everyone had a good song to sing

And the power to see what the future will bring,

If we could have trees and firewood, too,

If for every seed planted a sweet blossom grew,

If I could put all that I want in this song,

If all went as planned and nothing went wrong, 

That would be something (3x)

I'd kill myself to see.

Written May 1985.